Direct Mail Concepts has over 30 years of combined experience in the Direct Mailing Industry.  We know the rules and regulations and the ways to save you even more money on your postage costs.

Most business owners simply don’t have the time or staff to find their way through the maze of postal rules and regulations.

The “Domestic Mail Manual” weighs over 10 pounds and is filled with confusing rules that can affect your postal costs.  These rules include requirements like:

  • Barcode requirements
  • Tabbing requirements
  • CASS requirements
  • Permit indicia requirements
  • Mail piece design
  • Proper address formats
  • Qualifying inserts
  • Quantity per Zip Code

We work very closely with the Post Office staff and have an excellent reputation for mailing accurately.  Quite often we provide proofs of mail pieces to the Design Specialist at the Post Office for approval prior to printing.  This saves you money and time prior to printing a mail piece that may not meet postal regulations.

Call us a for your direct mail needs, call at 303-476-9998 and talk to one of our full service staff or click here for a free quote on your direct mailing services.

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